Earlier when we wished to have any wooden materials, we relied totally on the carpenters. But most of the time we didn’t receive the material design, the way we wished to have. But as there was no other option, we were compelled to accept that. To cut the wooden plank according to our design was not able to do by a common person other than a carpenter. But after the arrival of bosch router table, the scenario has totally changed. Now not only the carpenter can cut the wooden material but also a normal person can do but with the help of the router table.

There are basically three types of Bosch Router Table which can be placed in your workshop or at your garage and use it whenever you require. This table has become the most important machine for those who love to create wooden masterpieces. The three types of router tables are benchtop router table, floorstanding router table and the extension router table.

bosch router table

The best router table depends upon the needs, your requirements, budget and which provides you the great opportunity to create different wooden materials. Before purchasing a Bosch RA1181 router table, make sure that you check all its features and then decide the most appropriate router table for your professional or creative requirements. The major features you should concentrate upon is its convenience, portability, its fresh features and that too at your affordable budget.

Types Of Router Table

  • Benchtop Router Table

Compared to other routers, it is the most demanded one among the users. It is famous for its flexible nature and adjustable type. There are various brands which provides efficient working stability for benchtop router table. For instance, famous brands like bosch, bench dog and kreg are some which shines at the top place of router tables. Benchtop router tables are durable and are very easy to move from one place to another. The dust collection part of the bench router table works very efficiently and also helps you to keep the surrounding clean. This also helps you to concentrate on your work rather than wasting time on frequent cleaning and mess up of dust. It collects all the dust of the wood and you are no more supposed to clean the floor which is considered as a biggest task. The benchtop router table incorporates with the mounting hardware, aluminium fence, adjustable MDF face plates and also aluminium router mounting plates. It also includes the starter pin and the guard which helps the router to curve the wooden pieces.    

  • Floorstanding Router Table

Floorstanding router table is another type of table which is easy to use and at the same time requires less space compared to other router tables. It can be placed safely at your garage or workshops. It provides a particular storage space that is a drover to place all the bits of the router and other things. This table is more preferable for inverse routing table. This table incorporates with feather boards, mitre guides, dust outlet and lead in a pin for curved wooden pieces. Due to this, you can complete your work easily and perfectly.

  • Extension Router Table

This type of router table is more beneficial for those who want to expand his woodworking experience. It needs more space to place compared to other type of router tables. The name itself says that it can be extended. It means that you can expand the table saw on both side of the table which provides a standard fence and a deep top. Extension router table increases your capabilities in woodworking. This router table includes aluminium T-track slots, split fence, high split fence, router fence, a wooden frame and also a measuring tape. It also provides a durable safety guard which protects you from any harm. The top of the table is made up of melamine surface, polythene edges and with MDF core.


The router tables are easy to use and completes your work very fast and efficiently. You can also use it for tough and complex cutting of woods. It is very easy to maintain and requires very less maintenance. Compared to other woodworking materials, router table is much safer and durable.

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