How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming Monitors

These are some of the considerations to make when buying a gaming monitor.

1. Panel Size and Resolution

Gaming monitors come in a multiplicity of panel sizes and resolutions. However the thumb rule is, the bigger the monitor, the better it is. If space allows it go for a monitor that has a 27-inch screen that offers plenty of room to maneuver. When it comes to resolution, it almost goes without saying that the higher the resolution the better. While monitors with high pixels provide sharper images, be sure to go for the unit with the highest resolution in its class if you have limited budgetary allocations.

2. Panel Technology

Check out the panel technology that the monitor of your choice comes with before buying. Monitors featuring the Vertical Alignment technology have a high contrast ratio and are able to display deep blacks but produce noticeable ghosting effects that can have a negative impact on the gaming performance.

Monitors featuring the Twisted Nematic (TN) technology are not only affordable but also offer unmatched pixel responses and refresh rates. You may also consider monitors with In-Plane Switching technology for all-round quality and strong gray scale performance and wide viewing angles.

3. Response Rate

The ideal gaming monitor should have a high refreshing rate. The most common pixel response for most monitors is gray to gray. The response is measured in milliseconds, which is the time it takes a pixel to move from one end of the gray to another. Choose a monitor that has a response rate of anything between 2 and 4 milliseconds if you want an excellent gaming experience.

4. LED vs Monitors

LED monitors are more or less like LCD monitors save for the fact that LED monitors come with backlighting that offers additional benefits such as brighter, sharper display and thinner screen as well as well low power consumption.

While LED monitors are relatively expensive than LCDs, you are better off with one particularly because of their good response.

5. Key Considerations

There are factors that you just have to get right if you want to end up with a monitor that will satisfy your needs to the fullest. Fist off the panel type has to be right if you want to get absolute resolution. The brightness, color production, and viewing angles have to be on point as well. It, therefore, means that you have to assess how the unit displays images before buying.

Equally, do not go for a monitor that does not match what you require primarily because the monitor’s output will ultimately determine if you enjoy the game or not.

6. Connections

The best gaming monitor under 200 should have a high bandwidth connection that allows you to plug in a multiplicity of accessories. For instance, the port should allow for plug-in of accessories that would help you receive a better video signal.

Latest video game monitors come with the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) display ports that do not rely on VGA connection.
If DVI display ports do not sound like your cup of coffee, you may consider buying a monitor that has a HDMI connection ports that are used connect the monitor to a high definition source such as a Blu-ray player or a video game system. HDMI connections ports are common with most monitors but are only available for units with a screen size of 22 inches or below.

7. Price

The price that a monitor goes for may ultimately determine the unit that you end up with. Note the expensive models do not necessarily provide the best output and vice versa. The most important thing to do is to stick to your budgetary allocation but be sure to check out the unit’s features and specifications to ensure that you end up with the best product within a particular price range.

8. Warranty

The warranty period is of absolute importance when buying a gaming monitor. It goes without saying that you should go for the monitor with the longest warranty period. A long warranty period is an indication that the manufacturers of the unit trusts in what it has to offer and is willing to stand by it. Also, check out what is covered by the warranty and what is not.

9. Customer Reviews

What others say about a product is important since it helps you make an informed buying decision. Readout customer reviews on online retailers such as Amazon or the official manufacturer’s website to get a feel of what other customers have to say about a particular monitor. Go for the unit with positive customer reviews and high ratings.

If you are well acquainted with the basics, settling for the best gaming monitor under 200 should not be a problem. The comprehensive buyers guide outline above just brought you closer to choosing the ideal gaming monitor that will meet and perhaps exceed your expectations.…

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In a press release today Samsung announced three new gaming-focused monitors sporting their QLED technology and capable of HDR (high dynamic range) color and lighting. The new models include the ultra-wide 49-inch CHG90, which sports 3840×1080 resolution, and 27- and 32-inch versions of the CHG70, which clock in at 2560×1440. All three of the new monitors support HDR, AMD’s FreeSync 2, and feature 144Hz refresh rates. Check out these latest gaming monitor models under 200 on Amazon if you are looking to purchase one.

Courtesy of Samsung, we’ve had our hands on the 32-inch model of the CHG70 for about a week now, and have been experimenting with different games and videos to see what the new product has to offer. We’ll tell you what you need to know about the new monitor and what its special features mean for different sorts of games. Anyone fortunate enough to be attending E3 next week can get a look at the 32-inch CHG70 as part of Ubisoft’s booth.

The C32HG70 is a 32 inch, 2560×1440 monitor with a VA panel, 1800R curvature, and 1.07B color support. It features one DisplayPort and two HDMI connections and functions as a USB 3.0 hub via two USB ports on the back. For more details you can check out the full spec list for the C32HG70.

Note: We tested the monitor with both AMD and NVIDIA cards for the purposes of this article, but you’ll want a higher-end AMD Radeon card to take full advantage of FreeSync 2.

The 32-inch CHG70 is currently available for pre-order on Newegg for $699.


Samsung-Monitor-C32HG70-Overview-Gaming (8).Jpg


The C32HG70 is a curved gaming monitor with a matte black bezel and a single, dramatically arched hinged arm. This arm can make the monitor a bit tricky to carry (instructions included let you know to grab the upper portion of the arm and lift, rather than trying to carry the monitor from its base or edges), but provides for a sweet, futuristic look when the monitor is resting on your desk.

The arm also allows the monitor to be easily adjusted vertically through an impressive range of motion (it bends at the “elbow” of the arm), useful for those who care about ergonomics. Many previous widescreen curved monitors, including some from Samsung itself, haven’t allowed any height adjustment, so this is a big plus.



The base is made up of a triangular arrangement of feet, rather than being circular as many previous Samsung widescreen monitors have been. These feet provide a great deal of stability, but also mean the monitor takes up a lot of real estate on your desk. This can be an issue if your desk is on the smaller side, but if you’re close enough to your monitor that the feet interfere with your keyboard you probably need to back up a little anyway. Monitors this big need to be a bit further back than smaller models.

The monitor’s power cord is slim and well-designed, with ends angled in such a way as to make the most out of placement in surge protectors. Monitor controls are accessed through a small button on the back of the monitor, and users can adjust the picture, refresh rate, black equalizer, and volume (for the monitor’s built-in headphone jack), and activate optional features including eye saver mode (which lowers the brightness and blue light) . The monitor comes with gamer-friendly built-in pre-sets like “FPS,” “RTS,” and “RPG,” but also allows you to set up to three custom-defined settings you can assign to buttons along the bottom edge of the monitor.

Samsung-Monitor-C32HG70-Overview-Gaming (4).Jpg


The C32HG70 includes a subtle light on the back of the monitor which you can turn on or off, and which provides ambient white/blue lighting. The color of the light isn’t adjustable, and it isn’t as dramatic as some of the under-lighting we’ve seen from other gaming-focused monitors.

Because of the angle of the light it will illuminate the wall behind your desk much more than your desk top itself, so it won’t be very useful if your desk isn’t up against a wall, but in the right conditions it can provide effective ambient illumination that enhances your viewing without distracting from what you’re watching or tainting the colors.

QLED Quantum Dot



The C32HG70 features Samsung’s QLED technology, first shown off earlier this year at CES. QLED combines Quantum Dot technology (which has been around for a while but only debuted in its modern form in recent Samsung displays) with an LED panel. In a QLED display, a layer of tiny “quantum dots” is placed in front of an LED backlight. The different qualities of the individual quantum dots generate different colors.

With the latest generation of quantum dots in Samsung’s QLED displays, changes to the nature of the dots allow for improved color accuracy at higher brightness levels. Samsung says this new tech produces “125 percent of the sRGB color space and 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space.” This represents a significant improvement over Samsung’s previous SUHD displays, and  results in better viewing angles and contrast in addition to the more vibrant colors.

QLED’s main rival is OLED display technology, and each of the competing techs offer different strengths and weaknesses. One of the main areas in which QLED beats OLED is in maximum brightness, and that’s especially important when it comes to HDR-enabled displays.

HDR Gaming And FreeSync2

MassEffectAndromeda-4k-Gaming-Jp (6).Jpg


All of this QLED technology means that these new monitors are ready to support HDR content. HDR stands for “high dynamic range,” and monitors and televisions that support HDR are capable of displaying increased color information and greater light/dark contrast than traditional screens. In general terms, if you’re viewing HDR content on an HDR-capable monitor you’ll be seeing brighter brights, darker darks, and a wider range of colors overall. HDR video appears to have more depth and can look more realistic than traditional video. There’s a lot more to learn about the HDR landscape, including the battle between competing HDR standards, but for the purposes of this article it’s enough to know that HDR content is more colorful and is generally regarded as looking more “real.”

The tricky thing about discussing HDR content is that, unless you actually have an HDR display of your own, I can’t really show you what it looks like. There are HDR videos you can watch online, but these will always be exaggerations or rough facsimiles used to illustrate the difference between traditional and HDR video. If you’re skeptical there are plenty of testimonials you can find online from people who have used HDR displays, but when reading those you need to keep in mind that not all “HDR” content is at the same level of quality.

Resident Evil Vii Lets Play.Jpg

resident evil vii lets play

These three new Samsung monitors are the first gaming monitors on the market to feature AMD’s HDR-focused FreeSync 2 technology. While the original FreeSync is a technology designed to change the refresh rate of your display to match the output of your graphics card (thereby reducing screen tearing), FreeSync 2 aims to bring the same level of support to HDR gaming. Without a FreeSync 2 monitor, HDR gaming on the PC can be a challenging experience marred by latency issues and endless tweaking of both games and hardware. With the CHG70 and FreeSync 2 the experience still isn’t perfect or seamless, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

The selection of games which actually support HDR on the PC is limited, with highlights including Mass Effect: AndromedaResident Evil VII, and Shadow Warrior 2. Getting these games to actually run in HDR can be a challenge, especially with Mass Effect: Andromeda, but both the amount of HDR gaming content and the ease of use is likely to increase as more gamers pick up displays and hardware capable of supporting it.

As of right now PC HDR gaming is a tiny (but growing) slice of the PC gaming pie, but on the console side it’s much easier. We hooked our CHG70 up to a PS4 to enjoy some Injustice 2 in HDR, and while the visual quality certainly isn’t what we would be getting from a AAA PC game running on cutting-edge hardware, the fact that it worked automatically, without us having to do anything more than plug in the system, was great.



When playing a PC game like Mass Effect: Andromeda in HDR mode, you’ll often notice that the game’s menus appeal strangely washed out. This is a small price to pay, however, for the enhanced colors you see when you’re exploring that game’s environments (one of the very best things about Andromeda). Provided you have the display hardware to support it, maxing out the resolution in Andromeda and enabling HDR can take stunning visuals of the game’s alien worlds to new levels of vibrance and realism.

That said, during our testing with Andromeda we found that HDR didn’t always look “better” in every possible way. Depending on the color tones of a given environment, how bright the sky was, whether we were standing in light or shadow, and other visual considerations, there were times when HDR actually felt like a step down, visually, compared to just maxing out the graphics settings at the highest resolution the monitor would support (and then tweaking things like brightness, contrast, and color manually via the monitor’s controls). Most of the time HDR was a plus, but it didn’t feel like a universal leap forward for gaming just yet.



In our tests with Resident Evil VII on the PC, the HDR was much less about color (because 70% of that game is some shade of black or brown) and much more about the improved contrast between blacks and whites the CHG70 offers. Exploring the dark corners of the crumbling house at the center of RE7 was a visually tense experience on this monitor, in all the right ways. Illuminated areas felt like small islands in deep, suffocating black seas. The process of getting RE7 to work in HDR was also significantly easier than enabling it for Andromeda, and the game serves as a good example of what HDR gaming can be on the PC.

So is HDR gaming on the PC a thing right now? Barely. But will it be something to watch in the future? Absolutely. All the big players in the display hardware world are working to make HDR better and more affordable, and games are going to follow suit. You’ll want to make sure you upgrade to one of the more powerful GPU offerings first, since HDR won’t mean much if your frame rates are dragging or your overall graphics are poor, but provided you’re already at or near the cutting edge a FreeSync 2 monitor like the CHG70 can be a bit of monitor future-proofing. You’ll be ready for HDR gaming when it becomes more widespread, and until then there’s a small and growing pool of HDR game and video content to enjoy.…

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What Better Place For Your Firearms Than A Winchester Gun Safe

Making a choice between the many different brands of gun safe can be difficult – you want to get the best safe for your money, but you also want to be sure that your firearms collection is secure.  Besides the value of the guns themselves, you also have to consider that a gun safe will protect those who may not be responsible enough to handle guns, such as children.  Even if you have no children in your home, friends and relatives could well bring youngsters when they visit, and the natural curiosity of children can sometimes get them into trouble.  One of the best ways to preserve both life and limb and your guns is with a Winchester Gun Safe.

Winchester Gun Safe

Keeping Your Gun Collection Safe

Besides the possibility of harm to children, your guns can also be threatened by both burglars and fire.  It has been estimated that most burglars will spend less than 8 minutes inside a home they are robbing; they want to get in and out fast before they are caught.  If your guns are simply on a rack in your family room or even in a closet, it is probable that a thief will scoop them up and be out fast.  A Winchester gun safe, on the other hand, will help to foil a burglar as the steel plating, heavy bolts, recessed door, and UL tested locking mechanism are designed to keep your guns in the safe, and not in the hands of a thief.

No one wants to imagine a house fire occurring in their home, but it can happen.  Firearms will represent a significant investment and can be destroyed should there be a fire.  A Winchester gun safe will help protect your collection from house fires for a significant length of time.  Most house fires will do their ‘work’ within a short period, so the safeguards built into every Winchester will certainly be adequate to keep your guns and other valuables safe.

The Winchester Line

Whether you enjoy hunting, have guns for home protection, or just look upon firearms as works of art, you will find a Winchester that will be perfect for you.  These classic gun safes will look good in any room.

  • If space is at a premium in your home and your gun collection is relatively small, you’ll find that the Winchester Deputy 12-11 Gun Safe will fit your requirements.  This safe will hold up to 14 long guns, and is not only made from 14 gauge steel, but is drill resistant, and can stand up to 20 minutes of a 1,200 degree fire.  A convenient top shelf lets you store handguns or valuables, too.
  • The Winchester Ranger 30 offers you a step up when you need a larger storage area than that provided by the Deputy.  This Winchester series will allow you to store 30 long guns safely.  The digital lock makes sure that only you and others you designate will be able to access the guns, and a fire rating of 1,400 degrees for one hour will help assure that your guns will come through a fire unscathed.
  • Those who have invested a lot of money into an extensive gun collection will appreciate the capacity of the Winchester Big Daddy Fire Resistant Gun Safe.  There’s plenty of space for 54 long guns in this safe and it gives you peace of mind knowing that it can protect your guns from a 1,400 degree fire for an hour and fifteen minutes.  You also have the option of having either a combination or digital lock installed.  The inside is carpeted to protect your guns from scratches and dings, and a door organizer helps you keep handguns and other accessories neat and handy.  The Big Daddy gives you a whopping 36.5 cubic feet of storage space.
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Create Wooden Masterpieces With The Help Of Bosch Router Table

Earlier when we wished to have any wooden materials, we relied totally on the carpenters. But most of the time we didn’t receive the material design, the way we wished to have. But as there was no other option, we were compelled to accept that. To cut the wooden plank according to our design was not able to do by a common person other than a carpenter. But after the arrival of bosch router table, the scenario has totally changed. Now not only the carpenter can cut the wooden material but also a normal person can do but with the help of the router table.

There are basically three types of Bosch Router Table which can be placed in your workshop or at your garage and use it whenever you require. This table has become the most important machine for those who love to create wooden masterpieces. The three types of router tables are benchtop router table, floorstanding router table and the extension router table.

bosch router table

The best router table depends upon the needs, your requirements, budget and which provides you the great opportunity to create different wooden materials. Before purchasing a Bosch RA1181 router table, make sure that you check all its features and then decide the most appropriate router table for your professional or creative requirements. The major features you should concentrate upon is its convenience, portability, its fresh features and that too at your affordable budget.

Types Of Router Table

  • Benchtop Router Table

Compared to other routers, it is the most demanded one among the users. It is famous for its flexible nature and adjustable type. There are various brands which provides efficient working stability for benchtop router table. For instance, famous brands like bosch, bench dog and kreg are some which shines at the top place of router tables. Benchtop router tables are durable and are very easy to move from one place to another. The dust collection part of the bench router table works very efficiently and also helps you to keep the surrounding clean. This also helps you to concentrate on your work rather than wasting time on frequent cleaning and mess up of dust. It collects all the dust of the wood and you are no more supposed to clean the floor which is considered as a biggest task. The benchtop router table incorporates with the mounting hardware, aluminium fence, adjustable MDF face plates and also aluminium router mounting plates. It also includes the starter pin and the guard which helps the router to curve the wooden pieces.    

  • Floorstanding Router Table

Floorstanding router table is another type of table which is easy to use and at the same time requires less space compared to other router tables. It can be placed safely at your garage or workshops. It provides a particular storage space that is a drover to place all the bits of the router and other things. This table is more preferable for inverse routing table. This table incorporates with feather boards, mitre guides, dust outlet and lead in a pin for curved wooden pieces. Due to this, you can complete your work easily and perfectly.

  • Extension Router Table

This type of router table is more beneficial for those who want to expand his woodworking experience. It needs more space to place compared to other type of router tables. The name itself says that it can be extended. It means that you can expand the table saw on both side of the table which provides a standard fence and a deep top. Extension router table increases your capabilities in woodworking. This router table includes aluminium T-track slots, split fence, high split fence, router fence, a wooden frame and also a measuring tape. It also provides a durable safety guard which protects you from any harm. The top of the table is made up of melamine surface, polythene edges and with MDF core.


The router tables are easy to use and completes your work very fast and efficiently. You can also use it for tough and complex cutting of woods. It is very easy to maintain and requires very less maintenance. Compared to other woodworking materials, router table is much safer and durable.

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Get Makeup Classic Hollywood Look

Get Makeup Classic Hollywood Look – Which is identical to classic style including Eye Stylers, Glamour Eye Shadows, Art Couture Lash Volumizers and Lip Lacquers, in a number of shades. And how to get classic hollywood look ? let’s try this tutorial :

  1. Outline your eyes with dark eyeliner or dark eyeshadow . Don’t make the line too thick, but do go all the way around. If you’re new to the look, go very easy on your bottom lid. Thicken the line at the outside corners of your eyes and roughly the outside half of your eyes. Don’t put anything more on the inside corners.
  2. Swipe gold eyeshadow on the inside corners and any part of your lids untouched by black shadow. This will glam up and even out the look.
  3. Choose lipstick and lip liner in a red shade with a slightly dark tint to it. Color in your whole lip with lip liner, then swipe the lipstick on. This will prevent feathering out and fading.
  4. Give yourself the original Hollywood look of glossy hair waves. Blow-dry your hair. Spray your hairbrush with hairspray and brush through your hair to smooth it down. Spritz a light glossing of hairspray over your locks, then brush that through as well. For waves, create a ponytail and twist the hair, blow-drying and rubbing your hands over the twist. Once it cools, finger-comb the twist out, and you’ll have beautiful waves.
  5. Do not underestimate the power of the curler, if you want to go for curls instead of waves. Blow-dry your hair and set it in large curlers. Once the curls have set, you can either pin the curls up (follow the natural wave of each curl and pin it to your scalp) or finger-comb the curls out for full, lustrous, screen-siren hair.
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First of all I would like you all to put a smile on your face while reading this as I did while writing these interesting things about smiling or say, laughing. After smiling brightly and brilliantly for nearly two decade I have found that smiling actually makes everything around look beautiful and healthy.

If you want a totally free and plain way to boost your spirits and your health, then go smiling and laughing as much as possible. It allows you to get swept away with good humor, and is alsobeneficial to the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, central nervous system and for your overall health too. Believe me I smile all day.

There are stages and mood swings to our smiles – when we’re angry, when we’re tense, when we are in a party, when we’re with family, when we’re being photographed and in a lot more situations too.  We smile so often and so promiscuously but this little smile lightens the load and diffuses unpleasantness.

It’s always said People associate you with your smile, it’s the essence of you.

You would even be amazed to how much brighter things can become when you look at them with smiling eyes. The smile may have a little connection to what we are feeling at that moment, and sometimes a smile tells it all without uttering a word.

While writing this a very beautiful and encouraging thought by “Mother Teresa” crossed my mind which is, “Peace begins with a smile”. So smile smile and just keep smiling for more Peace within and outside you.

A smile can rule it all, the hatred, the displeasures, and even your health too !

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Used Maternity Clothes Superstore!

What are the Benefits of Used Maternity Clothes?

When you get pregnant, the clothes stop fitting. The only option left is to purchase maternity clothes that are made to accommodate your bump. There are plenty of styles and new clothes that one can wear for maternity, but the problem is that most are expensive. Pregnancy is temporary and you may not have another child right away, if ever again. Because of this, it would be tough to justify filling up your closet with expensive maternity. SAVE HUGE buying second hand maternity. Most maternity clothing is not worn for long periods of time. As a result, they still look new and can be had at low prices.

The most viable and worthwhile option that is available is to buy second hand maternity clothes. There are many women who want to get rid of their good condition clothing by selling through a consignment maternity clothes shop. Women who are looking for maternity outfits have plenty of options to choose from because the items are unique and one of a kind. New items available from retailers may only have 20 different styles, but at Belly Go Round we have well over one thousand items to choose from. Gone are the days when maternity clothing was perceived to be loose, boring, and unattractive.

You’re also helping the environment by purchasing or consigning preowned maternity clothes.

Where can you buy quality used maternity clothes?

Major clothing stores do not sell pre-owned or consignment maternity clothes. You will only have new clothes available to buy at hefty prices. How many of these new clothes will you be able to buy and fill up your wardrobe? It will cost you a small fortune.

Belly Go Round is the leading specialist of pre-owned and consignment maternity clothes at low prices. Our store is based in Arizona,  but shopping can also be done online. We have a wide collection and better selection of used maternity clothes that are still in excellent condition. If you are looking to save big on discount maternity clothes, Belly Go Round is the best place to find excellent prices and the best selection.

Belly Go Round has unique clothes for maternity that women will find comfortable and convenient. There are plenty of consignment maternity clothes for selection at affordable prices. Items are in good used condition. Cloth steamer is a device used for quickly removing wrinkles from garments. However, in my opinion, Skil Router tables are the best in class.

With used maternity clothes from Belly Go Round, you can start building your maternity wardrobe now! You can choose from a wide range of tops, jeans, pants, shorts, nursing clothes and dresses. Whether you want apparel for spring, summer, or winter, Belly Go Round has a wide selection of these clothes at your fingertips.

Enjoy your pregnancy with affordable trendy maternity clothes….

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How the Family and Medical Leave Act Helped Change Maternity Fashion

Today, we couldn’t imagine hearing of a woman being fired after becoming pregnant, not blatantly anyway.  But not too long ago,  that was exactly what happened to many women. Businesses had no obligation to secure the job position until after the employee delivered her baby and recovered to return to work. As a result of this, many working women tried to hide their pregnancy by wearing less than appealing attire. Pregnancy was to be concealed, not celebrated, at least in the workplace.

And then…..

in 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act, which provided job protected leave for 12 weeks in the event of medical emergency and pregnancies. Perhaps not coincidentally, maternity fashion in the 90’s saw a shift from unflattering articles (example above) to more form fitting and fashionable clothing. No longer living with fear of being terminated for needing time off for their pregnancy, women became more open with their maternity wear. This is not to imply that maternity fashion evolved solely because of the FMLA, but it might have helped pave the way…
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